London Docklands DIY Walking Tour

The London Docklands DIY Walking Tour also includes accessible trips on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and also on the Emirates Air Line cable car.

There are actually 3 different London DIY Walking Tours – and all are connected. The London West End DIY Walking Tour, which connects with the London Thames DIY Walking Tour at Westminster Abbey. And this London Docklands DIY Walking Tour, which connects to that walk at Tower Bridge (the London Docklands DIY Walking Tour also utilises accessible public transport). So, in theory, and starting from Westminster Abbey in central London, you could do all 3 London DIY Walking Tours in the same day. You wouldn’t have time to stop very often though.

At a very minimum, I would do all three London DIY Walking Tours over two days (but more time simply means more London attractions to actually visit – so a whole week would be even better!).

Points of Interest: Tower of London, Docklands Light Railway, Emirates Air Line Cable Car, the Greenwich Peninsula walk (inc. “The Tide” elevated walking trail), O2 Arena (the Millennium Dome) and an evening boat trip through central London on the River Thames (on the Thames Clippers).

See the Wheelchair Accessible London guide, for details of wheelchair accessible attractions, restaurants and hotels in central London.

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Thank you so very much  – and have a great time in London.