Berlin in 1 Day DIY Walking Tour

> Berlin in 1 Day DIY Walking Tour Route Map <

Distance: 7 km (about 4.5 miles);  Duration: 2-8 hours

See Berlin in 1 day? Yes, it’s possible. Not recommended though, as that’s all you will have time for – seeing Berlin. And maybe stopping to take one or two photographs.

Ideally though, you should do The Berlin DIY Walking Tour in two stages, split over two separate days (there’s just SO much to see & do, and if you want to see Berlin at your leisure, then two days is so much better: Walk Berlin in 2 Days DIY Walking Tour).

This Berlin in 1 Day DIY Walking Tour is just 7 kilometres long though (about 4.5 miles), and takes in most of the attractions of central Berlin that you’ll want to visit: the Grand Place > Hôtel de Ville > Musée de la ville de Bruxelles > Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (Galerie de la Reine & Galerie du Roi) > Cathedrale St-Michel et Ste-Gudule > Parc de Bruxelles > Palais Royal de Bruxelles > Coudenberg Palace > Place Royale > Musical Instruments Museum > Museé Magritte & Museum of Abstract Art > Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium > Jardin du Petit Sablon > Notre-Dame des Victoires au Sablon > Place du Grand Sablon > Mont des Arts > Manneken Pis > and finally returning to the Grand Place.

And because it’s a DIY walking tour of Berlin, you can take it at your very own pace; stopping for a coffee/snack/drink where, when, and for as long as you like; and lingering at the attractions of Berlin that interest you (and speeding past those that don’t).

So if you were to simply rush round without stopping, you could easily complete the DIY Berlin Walk in 2 hours. However, I would recommend taking a full day to complete the circuit of central Berlin – as there’s just so much to see (and splitting the walk over two days would be even better).

Berlin in 1 Day DIY Walking Tour Directions

[These are very thorough walking directions – you shouldn’t be getting lost in Berlin when following this guide. However, I definitely recommend that you follow the Google Streetview route of the entire Berlin DIY Walking Tour first, from the comfort of your own home before you head to Berlin, as this will allow you to better visualise the entire route before you arrive].

START. Berlin Hauptbahnhof Train Station [MAP]:

With your back to the central Berlin Hauptbahnhof Train Station (sometimes referred to as just Berlin Hbf), walk towards the traffic lights ahead of you/slightly to your left;

Pedestrian Crossing [MAP]:

At the end of the crossing, you will see the start of the pedestrian Gustav-Heinemann-Brücke (slightly to your left).

At the end of the bridge, continue in the same direction until you see the main path through the grassy Spreebogenpark split in two. Follow the path on your LEFT (which diagonally crosses the Spreebogenpark). [MAP].

Just before the end of this diagonal path, a smaller path diverges on your RIGHT. At the end of this path, you will again reach the pavement. Turn RIGHT, and you will see a pedestrian crossing at the corner;

Pedestrian Crossing (Otto-von-Bismarck-Allee) [MAP]:

After the crossing, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD (in the same direction that you were heading as you crossed the road). You will now be walking down the left hand side of Annemarie-Renger-Straße.

Cross both lanes of the smaller Paul-Löbe-Allee, until you reach the pavement by the grassy Platz der Republik.

Instead of entering the grassy park, turn LEFT, and head towards the Reichstag Building;

Reichstag Building [MAP]:

Just walk up the steps to the main visitor entrance to Berlin’s Reichstag Building. The accessible entrance is just to the right of the steps, at ground level, behind the hedge (you’ll need to roll almost to the very right hand corner of the Reichstag Building first, to reach it though).





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