The Glacier Express.

First, a word about “The Glacier Express” (and I’ll avoid the usual argument about the windows/reflections):

Two different trains travel along this route though. So you have a choice:

The regular Swiss Railways train. Or the more expensive “Glacier Express” tourist train.

The route through the Alps is exactly the same regardless of the train you take. So you’ll see exactly the same, rather spectacular, scenery.

The deciding factor for me was the other passengers who I would be sharing the train with (the reflection-free windows of the regular train was just a bonus). On the regular train, you will be sharing a carriage with a mixture of visitors and local Swiss people just going about their lives. On the tourist train, every other passenger will be a visitor (if you’re really lucky, the staff might actually be Swiss though – but not always).

As travel means meeting people for me (both local people, and other travellers), then the regular Swiss Railways train wins hands down.

Oh, and having windows that can be pulled down in order to take beautiful photographs, with nothing between your camera and the scenery, is a rather large bonus too.

My journey from Andermatt to St.Moritz was actually on a Sunday afternoon, so involved two changes (at Disentis and then at Reichenau-Tamins). But there is also a direct train at other times.

Web resources for this route:

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