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Accessible Entrance,
Accessible Lifts to All Areas;
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Accessible Reichstag Building in Berlin

As accessibility was part of the actual design and construction brief for the new home of the Bundestag, the parliament of the reunified Germany, and for both visitors and politicians, then all public areas of the Reichstag are wonderfully accessible.

First things first though. Given the high level of demand for Reichstag visits, and the limited capacity, it is simply not possible for the “Visitors’ Service of the German Bundestag” to satisfy all requests when it gets seriously busy. So as soon as you know when you will be in Berlin, book your Reichstag visit for then.

Entrance to the Reichstag building is free. But.

You MUST book your trip to the Reichstag building from the official Bundestag website. And you MUST show your passport when you actually visit (security is tight, airport-style). So make sure that you have it with you.

Also, because of the security implications, no large bags are permitted (necessary medical equipment is not an issue though).

Getting to the Reichstag Building by Berlin's Public Transport

Accessible Reichstag Berlin Bundestag U-Bahn Station
Accessible Bundestag U-Bahn Station

You can easily roll to the Reichstag building, via the Moltkebrücke, from Berlin Hauptbahnhof. And this is my preferred option, as the short roll is by, and then over, the Spree.

However, there’s an even closer U-Bahn station (Bundestag – line U5). A beautiful station it is too (and easily accessible). The street-level elevator entrance to Bundestag U-Bahn station is on Paul-Löbe-Allee.

But. The bus will get you even closer still. The “Reichstag/Bundestag” bus stop on Bus Line 100 (or M85), is right beside the building (and it’s also very close to the accessible entrance to the Reichstag).

Access - Entrance to the Reichstag Building in Berlin

There’s a separate accessible entrance to the Reichstag building for wheelchairs.

And this has two major benefits: you avoid the queue at the main entrance (which can get seriously long at times); but more importantly, the lift that takes you up to the rooftop terrace, will be completely empty when you board (as you board the lift on the floor below the main crowds). Well, maybe not completely empty – the accessible entrance, which is located behind the main building ramp, and at the right of the building as you look at it head on, is also used by parents with prams and visitors who have reserved a table in the rooftop restaurant (more about the rooftop restaurant below).

Accessible Rooftop Dome of the Reichstag Building in Berlin

After taking the accessible lift up to the rooftop viewing terrace of the Reichstag building, you will arrive at the BASE of the dome (the views over Berlin from the rooftop terraced are exceptional – and the Reichstag may be your only chance to see Berlin from on-high, as the Berlin TV Tower is not accessible).

Two very gently sloping ramps carry all visitors to the top of the dome (one going up, and one coming back down – so you shouldn’t meet people going in the opposite direction). The slope of each ramp is just 7° (or 12.3%), so it’s not impossibly steep (in fact, some pretty strong individuals have even self-propelled up the ramp – but us normal folk will probably need a bit of a push – and it will be no bother at all for powerchairs).

The ramps are reasonably wide too, so there is plenty of space to stop and enjoy the views, without getting in the way of other visitors – they simply walk by you. Also, the ramps are not a continual incline anyway – there are level areas along the way.

Accessible Toilets at the Reichstag Building in Berlin

There are accessible toilets located throughout the Reichstag building.

Accessible Cafe/Restaurant at the Reichstag Building in Berlin

Accessible Berlin Reichstag Restaurant
Accessible Käfer Dachgarten Restaurant on the rooftop of the Reichstag Building (source: Tammi L. Coles - CC BY 2.0)

There is a restaurant on the rooftop terrace of the Reichstag building (the Käfer Dachgarten Restaurant). And it has a wonderful open-air terrace itself, for a bit of luxury al fresco dining if the weather is decent when you are in Berlin.

And I say “luxury” pretty deliberately. For this is no simple snack-bar that you simply rock up to when you fancy something to eat or drink.

You must reserve a table (and separately from your Reichstag booking). And, for security reasons, it has to be made at least 24 hours before you arrive (I’d recommend making the reservation as soon as you have arranged your visit to the Reichstag).

For a very special treat though, it is heartily recommended. And as the lowest cost menu (for 2 courses only) is over €50, it will be a VERY special treat (the peaceful views over Berlin, as you sip something cool, are unbeatable).


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Accessible Berlin Brandenburg Gate
Accessible Berlin Brandenburg Gate at Night

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