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Accessible Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin

The Gendarmenmarkt is the most beautiful public square in Berlin. And, being a mainly outdoor attraction, it is wheelchair accessible – although the square is criss-crossed with cobbles (between larger and smoother paved areas), so you’re suspension will get a good workout. There are mini-ramps at various places on the edge of the Gendarmenmarkt, which allow step-free access where required.

The Gendarmenmarkt is the site of three architectural marvels: the Konzerthaus (the Berlin concert hall), and on either side, and facing each other, the Französischer Dom (the French Cathedral) and the Deutsche Dom (the German Cathedral): although neither building is actually a cathedral though – Dom simply refers to the domed buildings. And in the centre of the Gendarmenmarkt square, there’s a monumental statue of German playwright, poet, and philosopher Friedrich Schiller.

Roll Over Beethoven: Each Summer sees the “Classic Open Air” open-air classical music festival. As well as traditional classical music, you can also enjoy rock and jazz music – played on traditional classical music instruments. The Classic Open Air festival will not take place in 2023 and 2024 though.

The Gendarmenmarkt is also home to one of the most popular Christmas markets in Berlin.

The Konzerthaus (the Berlin concert hall).

Accessible Berlin Konzerthaus
Berlin Konzerthaus, Gendarrmenmarkt, Berlin

The neo-classical Konzerthaus concert hall in the Gendarmenmarkt is one of Berlin’s most visited venues for classical music lovers.

The accessible entrance for wheelchair users is via the elevator in the stage entrance on Charlottenstraße. Accessible toilets are also located near the stage entrance (and also at the Café Konzerthaus).

Companions accompanying a wheelchair user receive a free ticket for Konzerthaus concerts.

The 45-minute long Espresso Concerts, held every Wednesday afternoon, and which feature musicians from the Konzerthausorchester (as well as some amazing up-and-coming musicians), are real visitor highlights. Concert tickets include a free pre-concert espresso (hence the Espresso Concerts name).

The Französischer Dom (the French Cathedral).

Franzoesischer Dom Gendarmenmarkt Berlin
Französischer Dom, Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

The Französischer Dom is not completely step-free unfortunately.

But if you can manage some steps (254 of them to be precise), then the 360-degree views over Berlin from the viewing platform at the top of the Französischer Dom are well worth the climb.

For wheelchair users though, the outside is wonderful – and this video will show you the view over the Gendarmenmarkt, and the view over Berlin, from the Französischer Dom’s viewing platform:

The Deutsche Dom (the German Cathedral).

Deutsche Dom Gendarmenmarkt Berlin
Deutsche Dom, Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

The Deutsche Dom houses the Bundestag’s “Milestones – Sidetracks – Setbacks” exhibition. Spread over 5 floors, the exhibition gives an overview of the current political system in Germany, and its evolution: from the first National Assembly in 1848; its evolution during the German Empire; the Nazi Party’s destruction of democratic systems; and the post-war renaissance of democracy in Germany.

A wheelchair accessible lift operates between floors.

Getting to Gendarmenmarkt by Berlin's Public Transport

The closest wheelchair accessible U-Bahn stations to the Gendarmenmarkt are Stadtmitte (lines U2 & U6) and Unter den Linden (Lines U5 & U6). As the actual platforms for the different U2 & U6 lines at Stadtmitte are actually quite far apart, there are different on-street elevators for each line (the line U2 on-street elevator at Stadtmitte U-Bahn station is at the junction of Friedrichstraße & Mohrenstraße here, and the U6 on-street elevator is near the junction of Friedrichstraße & Leipziger Straße here).

The Hausvogteiplatz U-Bahn station is not accessible.

Gendarmenmarkt can also be reached by bus route 147 (bus routes 100 & 300 run along Unter den Linden – which is just a short roll away).


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Accessible Berlin Brandenburg Gate
Accessible Berlin Brandenburg Gate at Night

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