Bilbao to Donostia (San Sebastian) by train. Euskotren.

Originally part of the FEVE narrow-gauge rail network, Euskotren is the Basque railway network in and around Bilbao, and to all points east (until the border with France).

The destination today is the Basque city of Donostia (San Sebastian in Spanish). The journey eastwards is in two halves really. The first section of the route passes through the interior of the Basque Country, before following the coast of the Bay of Biscay from Deba.

A quick word about transferring trains at Bilbao though:

If you can, leave a good few hours between the FEVE train to the west of Bilbao, and the Euskotren train to the east. You’ll definitely want to explore Bilbao itself anyway (and the Basque food and wine definitely deserves to be enjoyed very leisurely). Both trains use different stations, each on either side of the Bilbao Estuary. The FEVE train terminates on the left bank, and the Euskotren train starts its journey on the right bank (necessitating a walk/taxi ride between the two).

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