Accessible Santa Caterina Market Barcelona

Accessibility :

Accessible Market Building,
Wide Aisles (Wheelchair-Friendly),
Accessible Bar/Restaurants,
Accessible Toilet


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Accessible Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona

The Mercat de Santa Caterina is THE most wheelchair-accessible market in central Barcelona.

The wide aisles, and the fact that it’s not crowded with camera and selfie-stick waving tourists, makes it a much easier Barcelona market to get around in a wheelchair.

A much more relaxing way to see real Barcelona life.

Getting to Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona using Public Transport


The nearest Metro station to Santa Caterina Market is “Jaume I” (Line L4). Both station exits, “Argenteria” and “Plaça de l’Àngel” are wheelchair accessible. However, the lift which arrives on the “Plaça de l’Àngel” exit [MAP] brings you closer to the road leading to Santa Caterina Market.


The entire Barcelona bus network has been fully wheelchair accessible since 2007.

All public buses in Barcelona have driver-operated retractable wheelchair ramps, and two dedicated spaces for wheelchair users inside.

Santa Caterina Market is served by bus line 120. The bus stop (Francesc Cambó – Freixures, bus stop #2920) [MAP] is located just a few metres from the main entrance to Santa Caterina Market on Avinguda de Francesc Cambó.


Definitely the easiest way to travel around Barcelona. Possibly more expensive though, but a million times more comfortable – so maybe the added expense is really worth it here?

There’s no single telephone number to request an accessible taxi though (there are loads of different taxi cab operators in Barcelona – and although they all operate the same distinctive black and yellow cars, they all use different telephone numbers).

One of the biggest taxi operators in Barcelona who have wheelchair accessible taxis is Taxi Amic (they have 53 accessible Barcelona taxis).

Your Barcelona hotel should also be able to arrange an accessible taxi for you though (and will be able to give you a number to call to request a return journey – it may be easier for your hotel just to arrange a return time at the start though).

NEW: There is a relatively new app that you can use to hail an accessible taxi using your mobile phone. And as you don’t have to speak to an actual person, there is no language barrier to get in the way. The name of the app is AMB Mobilitat (Picmi). Available on both the Google Play & Apple App Stores. More “mini-ranks” are being added in 2023 too.

My recommendation though?

Walk (or roll, as the case may be).

Santa Caterina Market is just one of the earlier stops on the Barcelona Central DIY Walking Tour.

Accessible Entrance to Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona

The main entrance to Santa Caterina Market is completely level [MAP].

Accessible Toilets at Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona

The toilets in Santa Caterina Market are also wheelchair accessible (there is a baby changing table here too).

If you have a voucher (which you’ll receive from any vendor when you make a purchase), then access to the toilets is free of charge.

Otherwise, there is a 50 cent charge. The proceeds are used to keep the toilets spick and span for all.

Accessible Cafe/Restaurant at Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona

There are four bars/cafes/restaurants in Santa Caterina Market:

“Bar Joan” (Stalls 108-110), “Barestaurant l’Univers” (Stalls 176-177), “La Torna” by the main entrance (Stalls 182-184) – “La Torna” also has outside tables by the main entrance to the Santa Caterina Market. And finally, there is “Restaurant de Cuines Santa Caterina” also near the main entrance (a better choice if you’re looking for a more substantial meal).


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Photo credit: Santa Caterina Market.

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