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For details of other wheelchair accessible hotels, wheelchair-friendly eating and drinking options and wheelchair accessible attractions in central Barcelona, see the Accessible Barcelona Guide

Getting to the Montjuïc Cable Car (Telefèric de Montjuïc) from central Barcelona:

The accessible Montjuïc Cable Car station is directly adjacent to the accessible Parc de Montjuïc station (where you will arrive on the accessible Montjuïc Funicular from Paral.lel metro station [MAP] – the Montjuïc Funicular will arrive at the building on the right, and the Montjuïc Cable Car leaves from the building on the left).

You can also get up there on the Barcelona Bus Turístic (Red Route), and regular Barcelona bus numbers 55 and 150.


Those views of Barcelona FROM the cable car as you fly high above Barcelona just can’t be beat. And the birdseye view of Barcelona from the Mirador de l’Alcalde is great too.


Both stations that the cable car serves have downsides. Although both are accessible, there are some serious cobbles at Montjuïc Castle. And the level area of the gardens at the mirador doesn’t give you the best views of Barcelona (the best viewpoints from the gardens can only be reached by steps from the gardens). But there is another route,  which bypasses most of the gardens, and which will give you sensational views of Barcelona.

Is it worth a trip on the accessible Montjuïc Cable Car then?

I’d say yes. Definitely. But only for the views of Barcelona from the cable car itself (and the view over Barcelona from the Mirador de l’Alcalde).

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with Montjuïc Castle at all – and would just get off at the Mirador stop, ignore the park, stay on THIS side of the road on exit, turn left, trundle down to the pedestrian crossing, cross the road here, and head to the kiosk at the Mirador de l’Alcalde, and return to Parc de Montjuïc station by bus (150). This route is explained in detail, below.

Boarding the Montjuïc Cable Car (Telefèric de Montjuïc):

The Montjuïc Cable Car slows to a crawl as gondolas pass through the stations, allowing passengers to board or exit.

However, the boarding staff will even stop the cable car completely if needed.

A word of caution though:

If a bulky powered wheelchair just looks too heavy, people have reported that they were prevented from boarding at all. The official reason given, is safety (which is entirely reasonable). However, as a bulky wheelchair, and an assistant takes up the same space as 4 other passengers, and as the queue to board can be long, the queue moves quicker if bulky wheelchairs are not carried. Which might just affect the judgement too 😉

So my advice would be to visit at quieter times (early in the day – and not at the weekend). Plus, don’t buy a ticket in advance: wait until you have the OK to board before parting with any of your money.

And when you do board, board head on. And for two reasons:

You’ll be facing Barcelona, the door will be behind you – so you will have an uninterrupted view; and

This is the easiest way to board. So you will be able to see just how slowly the cars crawl through the station, which will give you more confidence for the return journey (if you do decide just to come back down on the cable car, but see the following recommended route):

The Recommended Montjuïc Route from central Barcelona:

1: First, head to the accessible Paral·lel metro station (Barcelona metro lines L2 & L3 will get you there – as will trains R1, R4, R7 and S1, plus Barcelona bus numbers D20, H14 & V11).

If arriving by bus (or on foot), the accessible lift entrance to Paral·lel metro station is located on the corner of Avinguda Paral·lel and Carrer Nou de la Rambla [MAP].

2: Take the accessible Montjuïc Funicular train from Paral·lel up to Parc de Montjuïc station.

Your Hola Barcelona Travel Card is also valid for travel on the Montjuïc Funicular.

If access to accessible toilets is not an  issue for you, then simply turn RIGHT as you exit the Parc de Montjuïc station, and you will immediately see the ramp leading up to the Montjuïc Cable Car station next door [MAP] (the Montjuïc Funicular will arrive at the lighter coloured building on the right of that picture, and the Montjuïc Cable Car leaves from the building on the left).

However, if you reckon that you will need access to a toilet in the next hour or two, then turn LEFT; trundle down to the first pedestrian crossing; after crossing here (dropped kerbs), turn LEFT again; and head down to the accessible Fundació Joan Miró. As well as some amazing modern art, and stupendous views of Barcelona – you will also find accessible toilets here.

Then simply retrace your steps back to the Montjuïc Cable Car station.

3: If they’ll let you board the Montjuïc Cable Car (they don’t always – some wheelchairs just look too heavy) – only then should you buy a ticket (your Hola Barcelona Travel Card is not valid for travel on the Montjuïc Cable Car though).

Tickets are for a round-trip. So although you will only be travelling one-way – you still have to pay for the whole journey. Just think of it as normally a paid one-way ticket with a free return journey – so you’re not really losing out 😉

The outward journey goes directly up to the Montjuïc Castle/Castell stop though (which you don’t want – unless you’re OK with the cobbles up there). So just stay on, until the second stop at Mirador (which is actually on the return journey back down the hill).

4: On arrival at the Mirador stop, exit the station, but DO NOT CROSS THE ROAD yet.

Instead, immediately turn LEFT, and trundle down to the pedestrian crossing [MAP]. After crossing the road here (there are dropped kerbs on both sides), continue straight ahead, into the gardens, and continue straight ahead until the kiosk is on your left [MAP].

6: The bus from here (bus number 150) would appear to give you two options for returning to central Barcelona: remain on the bus until the end of the line at Plaça d’Espanya, or get off midway at the Parc de Montjuïc stop, and take the Montjuïc Funicular train back down to Paral·lel metro station.

However, the metro station at Plaça d’Espanya is one of the few metro stations in Barcelona that is NOT accessible yet. So, you really have just the one option:


7: Regardless of whether you took bus 150 here, or returned on the cable car, go back down to Paral·lel metro station on the Montjuïc Funicular (your Hola Barcelona Travel Card is valid for this journey too).


For details of other accessible visitor attractions, accessible events, and accessible eating and drinking options in Barcelona, see the Accessible Barcelona Guide

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Thank you – and enjoy your visit to Barcelona!

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