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Accessible East Side Gallery in Berlin

The “Longest Open-Air Art Gallery in the World” is wheelchair accessible!

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, 118 artists from 21 countries worldwide were invited to paint murals along this stretch of the Berlin Wall – as a celebration of the end of the division of Germany, and also as a reminder of the inhumanity of the GDR border regime (at least 13 people died in the border area along Mühlenstrasse while trying to flee across the river Spree to West Berlin either shot by East German border guards, or drowned in the Spree).

The East Side Gallery in eastern/central Berlin runs for 1.3km along the pavement of Mühlenstrasse by the river Spree – although the main part of the longest preserved section of the Berlin Wall can be found on Mühlenstrasse between the Ostbahnhof train / S-Bahn / U-Bahn station and Oberbaumbrücke (the Oberbaum Bridge). You simply start at one end, and roll to the other.

And, as Berlin’s East Side Gallery is an outdoor attraction, it is completely wheelchair accessible.

Although the East Side Gallery is always open (it’s actually a public street), it does get busy. Not to the extent that it becomes inaccessible – but crowded pavements can make for VERY slow progress (especially as everyone wants to stop every few meters and take another photograph of the paintings on the Berlin Wall – as you yourself will want to do too of course).

To avoid the worst of the crowds I would recommend getting there early in the day though (alternatively, go very late in the afternoon instead).

The park between the Berlin Wall on Mühlenstrasse and the river Spree is also accessible – but only the paths on the upper section nearer the Berlin Wall (the steps down to the river Spree means that the lower paths are not wheelchair accessible).

Getting to the East Side Gallery using Berlin's Public Transport

Although both ends of the East Side Gallery can be reached using Berlin’s public transport networks, I would recommend travelling to Warschauer Straße station first (S-Bahn lines S3, S5, S7, S75, S9 and also U-Bahn lines U1 and U3), rolling down to the eastern end of the East Side Gallery at the junction of Warschauer Straße and Mühlenstrasse (it should only take you 10-15 minutes to roll here), visiting the Alex restaurant on Mercedes-Platz about midway along the East Side Gallery (but on the opposite side of the road – in front of the Mercedes-Benz Arena), and then continue your roll along Mühlenstrasse after a relaxing pit-stop, until you reach the junction of Mühlenstrasse and Str. der Pariser Kommune, then head up Str. der Pariser Kommune to Ostbahnhof station (S-Bahn lines S3, S5, S7 and S9). The roll along Str. der Pariser Kommune to Ostbahnhof station will only take around 5-10 minutes).

Doing it in this direction will allow you to see the busier section of the East Side Gallery first (when it will be quieter); having a food/drink (and accessible toilet) break midway; and then seeing the quieter section of the Berlin Wall at East Side Gallery after a relaxing break.

Accessible Toilets near the East Side Gallery in Berlin

There are no accessible toilets along the open-air East Side Gallery itself.

However, there IS a wonderful accessible toilet in the Alex restaurant in Mercedes-Platz across the road. Alex is open all day, and the food is amazing. So head there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The accessible toilet doorway (inner) is ~ 88cm. And there is around 150cm of turning space. The toilet has grab bars on either side, and a wheelchair accessible sink (roll-under).

And if you have followed the east-west route along the East Side Gallery, you will also find an automatic City Toilette behind Ostbahnhof station at the end of your visit, on Erich-Steinfurth-Straßehere (there is also a “rail & fresh” WC within Ostbahnhof station itself too).

Accessible Cafe/Restaurant near the East Side Gallery in Berlin

Alex in Mercedes-Platz!

An accessible restaurant, open all day, great food and drink – and, of course, THAT accessible toilet.

Plus, there’s a wheelchair accessible crossing directly between the East Side Gallery and Mercedes-Platz [MAP].

[I’m trying my hardest not to make this sound like an advert for Alex, and it’s not – but  Alex is just so perfectly located]


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Accessible Berlin Brandenburg Gate
Accessible Berlin Brandenburg Gate at Night

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