Wheelchair accessible hotels, attractions, coffee-shops, bars and restaurants throughout the UK:

Aberdeen Wheelchair Map
Dundee Wheelchair Map
Edinburgh Wheelchair Map
Glasgow Wheelchair Map

London Wheelchair Map

The Wheelchair Maps are a fundraising project (in aid of FareShare).

To add an attraction, hotel, coffeeshop or restaurant to the Wheelchair Maps, simply donate at least £20 to my 2022 Kiltwalk Appeal (#TheBigWander – in aid of FareShare). And simply add the name of the place as a “comment” during the donation process (and the UK city/town that it’s in).

That’s it. I’ll do the rest (by looking at their own website, and by reading reviews from various sources). And if a Wheelchair Map for that town does not exist yet, I’ll happily create one.


The wonderful Sir Tom Hunter will add an additional 50% to whatever you donate.

Plus, if you also select the “Gift Aid” option, the UK Treasury will also add an additional 25% too.

So, at the very minimum donation of £20, FareShare could actually receive £35 – enough for them to provide an additional 140 meals! Allowing them to feed even more of the most vulnerable people in the UK (and as FareShare provides food to over 1,100 local charities and community groups throughout the UK, you could be helping to feed some of the most vulnerable people in your very own community too).

Thank You!