Wheelchair Accessible NEMO Science Museum Amsterdam

Accessibility :

Fully Wheelchair Accessible,
Wheelchair Accessible Lifts,
Wheelchair Accessible Toilets,
Wheelchair Accessible Cafe


For details of other wheelchair accessible visitor attractions, eating and drinking options and hotels in Amsterdam, see the Wheelchair Accessible Amsterdam Guide

The NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam is a science museum aimed at children (so for “wheelchair accessible” read “pushchair accessible”). Kids will absolutely love it here.

However, if the noise of children excitedly screaming with joy is a problem for you, then maybe it’s best to skip the NEMO Science Museum altogether when you’re visiting Amsterdam (the National Maritime Museum, also wheelchair accessible, and also on this same route from Amsterdam Centraal, is very nearby).

At the very minimum, expect to spend 2-3 hours visiting the NEMO Science Centre (although some people have spent all day here – and have visited just one floor!).

Getting There – Arrival at NEMO Science Museum

The easiest way to get to NEMO Science Museum in central Amsterdam is to use public transport to reach Amsterdam Centraal station – from where it is then an easy 15-minute walk/trundle along the very FLAT Oosterdock dockside. Just turn left as you leave Amsterdam Cenraal, and you will immediately see the green (oxidised copper) boat shape of the NEMO Science Museum. You can’t miss it!

Driving? There are no parking facilities at the NEMO Science Museum – and parking anywhere in the centre of Amsterdam is an expensive business.

The nearest parking facilities are at Parking Centrum (Oosterdock) (400m from the NEMO Science Centre): wheelchair accessible; elevator; plenty of accessible parking spaces and an accessible toilet.

See www.parkeren-amsterdam.com for other parking options in and around Amsterdam (including Amsterdam “park and ride” options which may also be very useful).

Entrance – Access to NEMO Science Museum

Turn RIGHT as you leave the FLAT pedestrian bridge over the Oosterdock. The ramp leading to the main entrance is actually beyond the building (located behind the bike racks).

The entrance is completely level, and although there is a revolving door here , it is a very wide revolving door (and is usually permanently open).

There is free admission for carers.

NEMO Science Museum Accessibility

At the highest point of the NEMO Science Centre, there are five floors to this sloping building. All floors, with the exception of the rooftop Energetica open-air exhibition, are wheelchair accessible.

Because the roof slopes to mimic the shape of a boat, there are numerous steps up to the Energetica exhibition. However, the terrace at the foot of these steps, and which has the most amazing views over central Amsterdam, is completely wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilets in the NEMO Science Museum

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located on every floor of the NEMO Science Centre – with the exception of the 3rd floor.

Wheelchair Accessible Cafe/Restaurant in the NEMO Science Museum

There are three different places to eat/drink in the NEMO Science Museum:

Just after the ticket inspection point, you will find “The Coffee Bar” – where you can enjoy a coffee (and cake?) while you ready yourself for the hours of fun that lie ahead;

There is another cafe on the 2nd floor, where you can enjoy a drink or a sandwich;

But the main event is the restaurant on the roof. Where you can enjoy a coffee and sandwich – or something a bit more substantial.

All are accessible (by wheelchair accessible lift where needed).

IMPORTANT: There are steps between the roof terrace and the actual rooftop restaurant. So to reach it from the terrace, you will have to re-enter the museum building, and take the lift up to the restaurant.


See the Wheelchair Accessible Amsterdam Guide for details of other wheelchair accessible attractions, restaurants and hotels in Amsterdam.


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