Wheelchair Accessible London View From The Shard


Carers Ticket is Free,
Step-Free Access,
Wheelchair Accessible Throughout,
Wheelchair Accessible Lifts,
Wheelchair Accessible Toilets.

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The entire journey from street-level to the very top is all accessible, over 800ft above central London, and is done in a series of lifts.

The first lift will take you from street-level up to the booking office on Level 1 of The Shard. This bypasses the flight of 15 steps used to reach the main booking hall. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet here on Level 1 (as well as one at the top – well, on Level 68).

A second lift, which is fully wheelchair accessible, travels up to Floor 33 (in just 30 seconds), where you transfer to yet another lift which continues to Floor 68.

Yet another lift, but one for use by wheelchairs only (and companions too of course), takes you up to the main indoor viewing platform. The famous “loo with a view” is found here too (there is also a wheelchair accessible toilet here).

The same small lift also takes you up to the outdoor viewijng area on Floor 72.

One common gripe is that there is insufficient seating on the viewing platforms. This is not an issue for those of us who take our chairs with us everywhere anyway. But it might be an issue for wheelchair pushers.

See the London Wheelchair Map for details of other wheelchair accessible attractions, restaurants and hotels in London.

Photo credit: Pixabay – View of the Shard at night, central London.

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