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For details of other wheelchair accessible hotels, wheelchair-friendly eating and drinking options and wheelchair accessible attractions in central London, see the Wheelchair Accessible London Guide

The Emirates Air Line Cable Car in London (known informally as The Dangleway) is fully wheelchair accessible.

Tickets can be bought beforehand, or from the ticket offices before you board – ticket machines are available, but to obtain a free ticket for your carer, I definitely recommend buying your ticket directly from the Ticket Office/Ticket Counter.

As the Emirates Air Line cable car is actually an integrated part of the London public transport system, ticket prices are very reasonable.

The actual journey across the River Thames here takes around 10 minutes.


Arrival By Car

Royal Docks:

Although there are no Blue Badge parking spaces directly at the Emirates Air Line cable car Royal Docks station itself either, Blue Badge parking spaces are available in the nearby “ExCeL London – Royal Victoria” car park (but, even as a Blue Badge holder, you will still have to pay – and parking’s not cheap here). The wheelchair accessible parking bays are clearly marked. And there is an £80 fine for parking in them without displaying a valid disabled badge (so remember to display your badge clearly). It’s not possible to pre-book an accessible bay, but if one is not available, the “traffic and parking team” will try to find you a space as near as possible.

There is a vehicle height limit of 1.90m here too.

The post code of the ExCeL London – Royal Victoria car park (for your satnav/journey planner) is E16 1XL.

Greenwich Peninsula:

Similarly, although there are no Blue Badge parking spaces directly at the Emirates Air Line cable car at the Greenwich Peninsula station itself either, Blue Badge parking spaces are available in the nearby O2 car parks (in the non-event car parks 2, 3 & 4 – which are about 200m away from the  Emirates Air Line “Greenwich Peninsula” station).

The Blue Badge spaces are reserved for Blue Badge holders only (and the wheelchair user must be in the car when you arrive at the car park). But you will still have to pay (and the parking rates at the O2 are not cheap either). However, a discounted rate is available when you pre-book your Blue Badge parking space (discounted, but still rather hefty – click here to pre-book or call 020 8463 6718).

The post code of the car parks at the O2 (for your satnav/journey planner) is SE10 0DX.


Arrival By Public Transport

Royal Docks:

By train (Docklands Light Railway – DLR): The closest DLR station is Royal Victoria.

Royal Victoria station is fully wheelchair accessible – and it’s a simple matter of rolling on/off the trains here.

When you arrive here from central London (via Tower Gateway  DLR station – also fully accessible), you will be on the “wrong” side of the railway line. However, there is a footbridge over the railway line, to the side you want to be at. And crossing the bridge here is pretty simple for wheelchair users. There are two wheelchair-accessible lifts on the bridge – one wheelchair accessible lift to take you up, and after a short roll across the (level) bridge, another wheelchair accessible lift will bring you back down to street level.

It is then a 200m roll to the Emirates Air Line cable car station at “Royal Docks”.

By bus or taxi:

There are no buses from central London that pass near here – but taxis will drop you at the door of the Emirates Air Line “Royal Docks” cable car station.

But, unless a fairly flat 200m roll is too much for you, I wouldn’t bother. Just take the DLR (and follow the London Docklands DIY Walking Tour route – which also recommends a return to central London by boat, on one of the Thames Clippers – all are wheelchair accessible.

Greenwich Peninsula:

By Tube (Underground train).

A Jubilee Line train will take you directly from the centre of London to “North Greenwich” tube station in just 16 minutes.

Bus or taxi:

If you REALLY like sitting on buses, the 188 bus will take you from Waterloo Station in central London, directly to North Greenwich – in 1 Hour and 10 minutes!



Regardless of which side of the river you start your journey across the Thames by cable car at, the boarding process is the same: the ticket desk is on the ground level; a wheelchair accessible lift takes you up one floor to the boarding level. And the process is reversed once you reach the other station.

On the boarding level, station staff will assist you to board, slowing down the gondola to crawling speed, or even stopping it completely. They will also raise the bench seats in the interior of the car if needed.


Gondola Accessibility

The seats (bench type) on either side of the gondola can be flipped up to give you more room (and the boarding staff will do this for you if required). However, unless your wheelchair is super-small, you will most-likely end up facing in one direction as you travel. So I would recommend boarding head-on at Royal Docks (which will mean reversing at Greenwich Peninsula), as this will give you the best views of the white dome of the O2 Arena, of the Docklands area, and even as far as the London skyline upriver (and if boarding at Greenwich Peninsula, reverse onto the gondola, so that you are facing upriver/toward central London).


Wheelchair Accessible Toilets

There are no toilets, never mind wheelchair accessible toilets, on the Emirates Air Line.

However, wheelchair accessible toilets can be found nearby (and on both sides of the river too):

Royal Docks: The nearest wheelchair accessible toilets are located in the stunning City Hall. There’s also a pretty good café here too (located on the ground floor), which has stunning views over the Royal Docks themselves. The café/toilets here are open to the public from 8:30am to 4pm.

Greenwich Peninsula: The nearest wheelchair accessible toilets to Greenwich Peninsula station can be found within the O2 Arena itself. Either in one of the many restaurants there, or in the public toilets.


Wheelchair Accessible Cafe/Restaurant

As for the “Wheelchair Accessible Toilets” information given above.


Photo credit: Nick Cooper at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


See the Wheelchair Accessible London Guide for details of other wheelchair accessible attractions, restaurants and hotels in central London.

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