Wheelchair Accessible
Edinburgh Kiltwalk 2022

Sunday 18 September 2022

One word sums up the Kiltwalk:


And the “Wee Wander” Kiltwalk route (which is also the shortest Kiltwalk route), is the recommended accessible route for wheelchair users.

Due to the step-free nature of the route, and because it is the shortest route, the Wee Wander route is also the favourite choice of families with young children: being step-free, it is a breeze for Kiltwalkers who are pushing prams/strollers, and the shorter distance is ideal for the shorter legs of the youngest of Kiltwalkers.

Which gives the Wee Wander a very happy family atmosphere.

Wheelchair accessible toilets.

Probably the most important thing to know.

Wheelchair accessible toilets are available at the starting point of each Wee Wander route (either accessible “Portaloos” provided by the Kiltwalk themselves, or permanent facilities available in businesses very nearby). Accessible toilets are also available in the Kiltwalk Village at the end too.

Wheelchair "acclimatisation".

And, for my own personal reasons, the Wee Wander is also my own favourite route:

A Kiltwalk event is very often the first time that children see people in wheelchairs. And there is no better introduction for them – than at a very positive event where everyone is laughing and smiling (those sunny yellow Arnold Clark sunglasses just make everyone feel so happy).

And knowing that their parents are right beside them, allows the younger Kiltwalkers to happily exercise their natural curiosity.

A perfect way to introduce children to wheelchairs, and for them to learn that people using wheelchairs are just normal people too – just that they have to get around a little bit “differently”.

Taking part in a Kiltwalk event, while raising funds for a favourite charity, is just so educational.

Scotland's Virtual Kiltwalk (7-9 October 2022).

If you are unable to personally attend one of the 4 “live” Kiltwalk events this year, worry not. You can still raise funds for the charity of your choice, and your fundraising total will still be topped up by a further 50% (up to a limit of £5,000).


Following the success of the Virtual Kiltwalk events held over the last two years (which enabled charities to continue fundraising when many other fundraising avenues were closed to them, and at a time when their services were in more need than ever), the good people at the Kiltwalk will again be holding Scotland’s Virtual Kiltwalk event in 2022 (between 7-9 October).

You don’t need to wait until October to start your fundraising though. You can sign up today – and raise funds throughout the entire year.

Photo courtesy of www.thekiltwalk.co.uk

If this information has assisted you in planning your travels with your wheelchair, please consider making a donation to my Virtual Kiltwalk appeal for 2022 – in aid of FareShare. And thanks to an ADDITIONAL donation of 50% by Sir Tom Hunter, FareShare will actually receive 150% of the amount that you donate!

Thanks, Iain.

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