Wheelchair accessible Clydeside Distillery, Glasgow


Accessible Distillery Building,
Accessible Toilets,
Fully Accessible Whisky Distillery Tour,
Accessible Cafe,
Acessible Parking Area.

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Glasgow Wheelchair Map

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First, a quick word about the accessibility information guide PDF created by The Clydeside Distillery, Glasgow (as this is the whole reason for creating these maps/articles – showcasing the very best accessible practices that already exist in various venues, in the hope that other places do similar).

The level of accessibility information provided by the Clydeside Distillery, and the amount of time and effort that would have been needed to create the accessibility information guide PDF, is simply amazing.

Which leads me to believe that, if they are happy to go to these lengths in advance of a visit to their Whisky Distillery, then they will be very happy to ensure that the actual visit to the distillery, and the whisky distillery tour, are as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

Bravo! If only all accessibility information guides were as thorough as this.

From the moment you enter the building, and the various transport options that will get you to The Clydeside Distillery in the first place, to the guided Whisky Distillery Tour, to the whisky tasting options, to the food and drink available in the Cafe, and finally, to the moment you leave the distillery building, all the information you could ever wish to know in advance is contained in the:

Clydeside Distillery Accessibility Information Guide

See the Glasgow Wheelchair Map for details of other wheelchair accessible attractions, restaurants and hotels in Glasgow.

Photo: The Clydeside Distillery, Glasgow

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