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Arrival at the Clydeside Distillery by Car

Visitors can park outside the Clydeside Distillery free of charge.

There are 3 accessible parking spaces situated near the main Clydeside Distillery entrance (plus another 17 standard parking spaces).

The car park is level.

Arrival at the Clydeside Distillery by Public Transport


The closest train station to the Clydeside Distillery is “Exhibition Centre” (which can be reached in just 3 minutes by train from Glasgow Central Station – Lower Level).

However, Exhibition Centre train station is still 0.8 miles from the Clydeside Distillery. And the “walk” between the station and the distillery crosses the main road by bridge. There ARE ramps on either side of the bridge though, so it is an option.

I would still recommend just getting a wheelchair accessible taxi though. But I would even more strongly recommend that you take the taxi all the way to the Riverside Museum first, and visit the Clydeside Distillery as you trundle back to central Glasgow on the Glasgow Riverside DIY Walking Tour Route.


There are no wheelchair accessible bus options. You COULD take a #2 or #3 bus to nearby Haugh Road (still a 10-minute walk away), but the bridge over the expressway here (the main road) has steps on either side.


This is what I would definitely recommend.

To call a wheelchair accessible taxi, call Glasgow Taxis (+44[0]141 429 7070). ALL their taxis are fitted with a wheelchair ramp.

Otherwise, just pick up a wheelchair accessible taxi at the nearest taxi rank. There is a taxi rank on Gordon Street – directly outside the main entrance to Glasgow Central Station.

For your return journey, staff at the Clydeside Distillery will only be too happy to arrange this for you (they have a partnership with Glasgow Taxis – so you can be sure that the taxi that arrives will be wheelchair accessible).

But I would still definitely recommend that you take your initial taxi all the way to the Riverside Museum first, and visit the Clydeside Distillery as you trundle back to central Glasgow on the Glasgow Riverside DIY Walking Tour route.

Entrance to the Clydeside Distillery – Access

There are two doors at the main entrance to the Clydeside Distillery. One is a revolving door, but there is another, push-button, door which is wheelchair accessible.

Carers are admitted to the distillery tour free of charge.

Clydeside Distillery Building Accessibility

Part of the tour at the Clydeside Distillery is on the 1st floor. However, a wheelchair accessible lift is available here (the lift can carry one wheelchair user plus 2 other adults). A second wheelchair accessible lift brings you back down to Ground Level at the end of the tour. This lift is slightly smaller, but can still easily hold a seated wheelchair user and one companion.

With the exception of the Tasting Room (where the Clydeside Distillery tour ends), all floors are hard. However, the floor in the Tasting Room is carpeted. This carpet is fairly hard/solid though – and is next-to-no obstacle to wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilets at the Clydeside Distillery

Wheelchair accessible toilets in the Clydeside Distillery are located on both the ground floor, and also on the first floor too. The wheelchair accessible toilet on the ground floor also has baby changing facilities.

Wheelchair Accessible Cafe/Restaurant at the Clydeside Distillery

The cafe at the Clydeside Distillery is located on the ground floor (near to the main entrance). The cafe is wheelchair accessible. And table service is provided.

The ground floor wheelchair accessible toilet is close by.

A quick word about the accessibility information guide PDF created by The Clydeside Distillery, Glasgow (as this is the whole reason for creating these maps/articles – showcasing the very best accessible practices that already exist in various venues, in the hope that other places do similar).

The level of accessibility information provided by the Clydeside Distillery, and the amount of time and effort that would have been needed to create the accessibility information guide PDF, is simply amazing.

Which leads me to believe that, if they are happy to go to these lengths in advance of a visit to their Whisky Distillery, then they will be very happy to ensure that the actual visit to the distillery, and the whisky distillery tour, are as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

Bravo! If only all accessibility information guides were as thorough as this.

From the moment you enter the building, and the various transport options that will get you to The Clydeside Distillery in the first place, to the guided Whisky Distillery Tour, to the whisky tasting options, to the food and drink available in the Cafe, and finally, to the moment you leave the distillery building, all the information you could ever wish to know in advance is contained in the:

Clydeside Distillery Accessibility Information Guide

See the Wheelchair Accessible Glasgow guide for details of other wheelchair accessible attractions, restaurants and hotels in Glasgow.

Photo credit: The Clydeside Distillery, Glasgow

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