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Wanderlust Back Issues

While moving, I discovered a box of old issues of Wanderlust Magazine. The issues are detailed below, but they are all from around 1997-2002 (although there is one from 2005). And all are in excellent condition (I think that most were read once or twice at the time – and have been living in various attics ever since). And I know that some people collect these.

As always, I’m looking at ways of passing these on that raises more money for Ataxia UK at the same time.

So if you are interested in any, please contact me (via Twitter is probably the easiest).

Issue No. 20. February / March 1997.

China – a beginner’s guide; South Africa – travels on horseback; Albania – the Med’s new frontier; Bolivia – salt flats of the south-west; The Maldives – idyllic Indian Ocean islands; Tonga – South Seas weddings and funerals; Boston – city break; Iceland – whales in the midnight sun.

Issue No. 21. April / May 1997.

Travel photography supplement; Travel Photo of the Year; Pushkar – India’s holy city; East Africa – a beginner’s guide; St.Petersburg – Tsarist Russia’s imperial capital; Atlantic Canada – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island explored; Do-It-Yourself Overlanding – the pleasures and the pitfalls; Andorra – Free lunch in the Pyrenees; Landmark Trust – take a break in a folly; Sarawak – way upriver in Malaysian Borneo; photo vests reviewed.

Issue No. 22. June / July 1997.

Namibia – the flowering desert; National Parks of the USA – wilderness and controversy; Japan – the Fire Festival; Aran Islands – Ireland’s wild western isles; South America – a beginner’s guide; Canoeing and Kayaking – travels close to the water; Greek Monasteries – High Hellenic spirits; Bucharest – city break; Chimpanzees – getting face-to-face with our closest relatives; Food – the taste of Ethiopia; Money – the history of travel loot; travel hats reviewed.

Issue No. 23. August / September 1997.

Wanderlust travel writing competition; Jordan – a desert safari; Cycling Downunder – pedal power in oz; Indonesia – a beginner’s guide; National Parks of India and Nepal – tiger trails; Costa Rica – beaches and rainforest; Kashgar – at the centre of the world; New York – cafe culture in the Big Apple; Travel on the Internet – surfing the world; New Guinea – photos of a vanishing world; Bike the World – planning a cycling holiday; carry-on bags reviewed.

Issue No. 24. October / November 1997.

Michael Palin – talks about his travels; Wildlife of Madagascar – exploring the land of the lemur; Husky Sledging – a dog’s life in the Arctic; Western Australia – whale sharks and wallabies; Trekking in the Himalaya – a beginner’s guide; Zanzibar – the spice island; Mali – art in an African village; Tall Ships – under sail; Dublin – city guide; Painting Tarantulas – travels with a paintbrush; fleeces reviewed.

Issue No. 25. December 1997 / January 1998.

[This issue was sold out before the next issue was even printed, due to subscriptions being given as Christmas presents. So it’s rather rare].

Travel 2000 – where to see in the new millennium; India – palace hotels; Trans-Siberian Express – Russia to China by rail; Peru – exploring ancient sites; Fundraising Trips – cause-related travel; Whalewatching – a guide to the world’s best sites; Bill Bryson – walks out of the woods (interview); Cycling in Tunisia – wheels across the desert; Riga – city guide; Mozambique – southern Africa’s forgotten country; Cyprus – away from the resorts; Alarms and Thermals reviewed.

Issue No. 26. February / March 1998.

Extraordinary Travellers – Interviews; Tasmania – wild Aussie island; Philippines – Family affairs and a search for the perfect beach; Southern Africa – a guide to the National Parks; Namibia – a bold project; Llamas – a spit in the face in Bolivia; Kayaking with Orca – Face to fin off Vancouver Island; Stockholm – 1998’s City of Culture; South Pacific – a beginner’s guide; Travel Writing Competition – the winner and runners up; Georgia – the European one!; Nicosia – a strange day in a divided city.

Issue No. 27. April / May 1998.

RTW – a guide to the big trip; Travel Photos of the Year – a gallery of the top 40 entries; Cuba; Lisbon – Expo ’98; Cycling in France – Languedoc; Poland – woods and wolves; Sumatra – Toba Batak and orangutans; Jordan, Syria and Lebanon – a beginner’s guide; The Great Migration – East Africa’s wildlife spectacle.

Issue No. 32. February / March 1999.

Titicaca – high waters in Bolivia and Peru; Eclipse – a guide to the ’99 blackout; Travel Writing Competition – the results; Irish Music – pub sessions; Fundraising Trips – feedback, aftermath and a run-down of trips in ’99; Lundy – puffin island; Learning Languages Abroad – Spanish in Granada; Verona – guide to the romantic city; Kailash – pilgrimage in Tibet; Varanasi – the sacred city; Ranger Training – on the trail in South Africa.

Issue No. 33. April / May 1999.

Travel Photos of the Year – the finalists on show; Guatemala – calm between the storms; Top Dive Sites – worldwide guide; Switzerland – by bike, train and paraglider; Learning to Dive – in the Red Sea; Prague – city guide; Platypus Patrol – conservation project in Australia; Bandas – nutmeg islands; East Africa – the national parks.

Issue No. 34. June / July 1999.

How to Travel Safely – tips from the top names in travel; Sacred Sites – the world’s most inspirational places; City Guides – put to the test; Mossies and Malaria – a health special; Womad – the world comes to Berkshire; 2 Degrees West – Nick Crane walks the line through England; Umbria – truffle pursuit; Granada – a guide to the flamenco city; Tamil Nadu – temple towns of India; Living Abroad – making the big move; Ghana – ghosts of the gold coast.

Issue No. 35. August / September 1999.

Millennium Breaks – options for the big party; Millennium Ride – cycling to 2000 in New Zealand; Polar Bears – fur flying in Canada; Heritage Sites – the world’s family jewels; London – a guide to the global village; Lithuania and Kaliningrad – Baltic states contrasted; Thailand – meditation courses, plus other activity breaks; Moroccan Music – in search of sacred sounds; Morocco – sandstorms and sweet tea.

Issue No. 36. October / November 1999.

Michael Palin – in the footsteps of Hemingway; Mexico – from beach to pueblo; New England – a taste of American pie; Jeremy Isaacs – talks about his epic new TV series; Readers’ Awards – your votes for the best; Lyon – France’s second city; Husky Sledging – in Finland and Russia; Shanghai – sky lights and street talk; North-East India – the undiscovered corner; TEFL – teaching English in Sri Lanka; South Africa – Cape escape; Iran – under cover;

Issue No. 37. December 1999 / January 2000.

Ray Mears talks about survival; New Zealand – top tramps; Everglades – canoes and ‘gators; Cuzco – the Inca city; Netherlands – weird Dutch capers; Bear Watching – in Finland; River Cruise – in Russia; Macau – before the handover; Singapore – Raffle’s prize; Top of the World Pops – the essential recordings.

Issue No. 38. February / March 2000.

Guatemala – shaking in the saddle; Grand Canyon – away from the crowds; Hudson Bay – beluga watching (plus roundup of whale sites in Canada); Net Challenge – crossing Canada using the internet; The Big Trip – all you need to know for the worldwide adventure; Reykjavik – Icelandic city fun; Sicily – ancient trails; The Philippines – highlands and islands; Thailand – after the beach; Zambezi – wild encounters by canoe and raft.

Issue No. 39. April / May 2000.

David Attenborough – talks about his travels; Travel Photos of the Year – The Winners; Inside Passage – coastline to Alaska; Atacama – high and dry in Chile; Cuban Music – where to see the real thing; Andalucia – the white towns; Copenhagen – biking Vikings; Bhutan – last days of Shangri La?; Travel Bookshops – real and virtual put to the test; Madikwe – eco-lodge in South Africa; Spanish Food – true tapas.

Issue No. 40. June / July 2000.

Stopover Cities – six top destinations; Vietnamese Food; Chile – last year’s writing comp winner reports back; Nunavut – Canada’s newest territory; Bus Lines – hop on worldwide; North Cyprus – above the divide; Helsinki – low-cost escape put to the test; Green Hotel – a special place in India; Sabah – rainforest, mountains and tropical waters; Zanzibar – spice world in Tanzania; St.Helena – a speck in the Atlantic (plus cargo ship cruising); Travel Photo Competition.

Issue No. 46. June / July 2001.

Cycling Abroad – a guide to two-wheeled travels; Traveller – going solo; Nicaragua – sun, sea and Sandanistas; Photo Tips – action; Madrid – city break; Cephallonia – before Corelli; Kathmandu – Dwarika’s hotel; North-East Thailand – readers report; Jodhpur – the sapphire city (plus highlights of Rajasthan; Tanzania – walking with the Maasai.

Issue No. 50. February / March 2002.

50th Special Issue – Collector’s Edition. The World’s Ultimate Top 50. Louisiana – below the bible belt; Career Break Traveller – leave it all behind; Viewpoint – are your experiences genuine?; Enclaves – from around the world; Naples – city break; Top 50 – the ultimate wishlist; Sabah – reader report; Papua New Guinea – Mount Hagen festival photo essay; South Africa – unusual dwellings.

Issue No. 52. June / July 2002.

Pennsylvania – homespun USA; Remote Access – mail run travel; Year of the Mountains – on top of the world; Holistic Holidays – feel-good factor; Gabon – gorillas that I missed; Room Service – Lofoten Islands, Norway; Tango in Finland – last tango in Seinajoki; Mongolia – eagle festival; Puglia – the heel of Italy; Ethiopia – cultural evolution; Dispatches – Patagonia.

Issue No. 53. August / September 2002.

Islas del Rosario – pint-sized perfection; Cartagena – wall-to-wall parties; Room Service – Small Hope Bay Lodge, Bahamas; Mini Adventures – active short breaks; Wildlife Holidays – the best from around the globe; Botswana – the country of the bushmen; Armenia – mountains and monasteries; Where On Earth is…?Tuva; Vietnam – the central highlands; New Zealand – the Alpine-Pacific triangle.

Issue No. 54. October / November 2002.

Ice Hotels – room service; Conservation Holidays – the essential guide; Snow Round-Up – fun in the winter sun; Photo Tips – take better pictures; Walking the Inca Trail – how to prepare; Dispatches – Corsica; Norwegian Voyage – up the coast; Finland – adventures in the snow; The Great Walk – along the Great Wall of China; Hampi – visiting ancient India; Where On Earth is…? Lord Howe Island.

Issue No. 56. February / March 2003.

Back to Bali? – Paradise Regained?; Chile – highway to the end of the world; Curacao – the Caribbean with a twist; Go Wild in Malawi; Madagascar – trip planner; Low-Cost Breaks to Italy; 10 Great Road Trips – drives of a lifetime; The Caves of the Thousand Buddhas; Karnak – travel icon; Greek Peloponnese – discovering the past; Cape Town – the footprint guide; Loire Valley – cycling through vineyards.

Issue No. 72. June / July 2005.

Tony Wheeler kicks back in the Outback; Alexander McCall Smith talks Botswana; Cuba – cycling and cigars; Last-Minute Travel – off-season bargains to beat the crowds; New Zealand – explore the fiords and lakes of South Island; West Africa – for £100 (in an ice-cream van); La Rioja – enjoy well-oiled wanderings in Spain; South India – chilled out beaches and backwaters; Laos; South Africa; Stockholm Archipelago – island retreats and cottages.

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