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#UKhotelMenu22 is a fundraising initiative (in aid of Hospitality Action).

Hospitality Action has been supporting the UK hospitality industry since 1837. Over the past 180 years, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of hospitality people who’ve found themselves in difficulty or crisis.

And after the challenges of the last few years, that support is now being called upon more than ever.

The 2 stages of the #UKhotelMenu22 Virtual Tour.

Between now and June 10 2022, I will be showcasing some of the wonderful food & drink that is currently being served at the best hotels in the UK. This is a Twitter showcase (at @ataxiascot).

Then between June 10-20 2022, and to coincide with Hospitality Action‘s fundraising Back In Business Tour, I will showcase the sensational food & drink being served at all UK hotels who have taken part in the Back In Business Tour.

How YOU can help.

If you operate a hotel, or work in any area of the UK hospitality industry, and in any capacity, I would urge you to take part in Hospitality Action‘s fundraising Back In Business Tour yourself (either as yourself individually, or as a “Team” representing your own hotel/restaurant – and raising funds from your very own colleagues, friends and guests).

Alternatively, if you would rather just donate a few pounds yourself, simply donate directly to Hospitality Action‘s own epic fundraising Back In Business Tour Challenge.

Thank you for your support!

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