Prior to my walks this year, I am looking to showcase articles and photographs of the places where I will be walking.

Really, just to make sure that I don’t miss out on anything while I’m over there, but also as an excuse for a bit of “cross-promotion” (my followers get to hear about you; your followers get to hear about ataxia).

So share your stories and photographs of Arran, the Canal du Midi and Ireland. And tell me what I really must see on my planned ataxia awareness-raising/fundraising walks.

The benefit to you is simple: Greater exposure.

The benefits for me are twofold:

1. Greater ataxia awareness-raising. This is my main aim with these walks. And experience has shown me that greater awareness is raised as a result of involving as many other people as possible. And it doesn’t always have to be from contact with the most obvious sources (a seemingly innocuous conversation with a friend in Lille, ended up with me sitting in the office of the chief of the local TV station, who then arranged for a TV crew to film my exploits, which increased ataxia-awareness hugely – well, amongst the people of northern France anyway).

So all opportunities, no matter how trivial they might seem at first, for cross-promotion are being keenly followed.

2. The second benefit is to me personally. I get to hear of “must-sees” along the route. But, more than just that though, I also get to hear of one-off events that are happening around the time that I will be walking through a town or region, and I can then speed up, or slow down, my progress accordingly.

So  whether you have visited and written about/photographed a town/region, or you actually live there now and would like to promote your town/region, I will happily share your articles/photographs with a growing social media audience that now numbers well in excess of 30,000 followers. So, as well as telling me what not to miss, you will also be promoting a particular area – and yourself.

This is a rather positive project to align yourself with. And, due to national media coverage, it is now a very visible project too.

Sharing your articles/photographs/links is simple:

Facebook. Simply post your articles/photographs/links on the Kilted Walker Facebook wall at:

And include either of the following hashtags: #arran, #canaldumidi or #ireland.

Twitter. Simply post your articles/photographs/links to the Kilted Walker Twitter stream at:

Also remembering to include either of the following hashtags: #arran, #canaldumidi or #ireland.

Thanks for sharing. Iain 🙂