Kilted Walker in the Media

The coverage gained from exposure in the established media (both TV & Press) is far more wide-reaching than the exposure I gain just by “walking” and talking to the people who I meet. So when it comes to raising awareness, exposure in the established TV & press is always being sought. To date, previous walks have been covered by: STV (the national TV broadcaster in … Continue reading Kilted Walker in the Media

But First: A Walk Around the Isle of Arran, Scotland.

Major Supporters: This was to be my second attempt at walking around Arran (the first attempt being in 2016, just before my 500-mile walk in Spain, an attempt which was abandoned as I was feeling much better than expected). The overall goal was the same though: I wanted to test my long-distance walking abilities locally, before venturing further afield. But this time, I would not … Continue reading But First: A Walk Around the Isle of Arran, Scotland.

Previous Walks.

December 2017. Winter Wonderwheels (Dorney Lake, Windsor, UK).   Due to the progression of my ataxia, this was probably my final fundraising “walk”. And what a high note to end on. I was invited to take part in the Celebrity Relay, with team captain, and Gold Medal winning Paralympian superstar, Susie Rodgers MBE, “competing” alongside Jonnie Peacock, Adam Hills and a whole host of MBEs/CBEs … Continue reading Previous Walks.