Sponsors and Supporters

A list of people and companies who have sponsored or supported me this year (simply select from the menu and be directed to their very own websites).

Plus, see the sponsor’s tweets at: @ataxiascot

To be included in this list, simply donate to my next fundraising event, in aid of FareShare this year (the Edinburgh Kiltwalk in September):


Hoteliers and B&B Owners:

A wee bonus just for you.

As well as being listed here (and having your tweets broadcast on @ataxiascot – to 22,800 followers), hotels/B&Bs will also be listed on www.hotelsreviewed.com which is being developed in support of the UK hotel and B&B industry. And additionally have your tweets broadcast via @hotrev, (to a further 4,700 followers = a total audience of 27,500 people).

To be included this year, all you have to do is sponsor me. If you feel that your donation has not been of value to your business, then you simply don’t sponsor me in next year’s event (but as I definitely DO want you to sponsor me next year too, you can be assured that I WILL make sure that there is a significant benefit to you in being a sponsor):