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Spain. Villajoyosa, Monday 24 October 2016

The ever-smiling Luis in Villajoyosa.

And his house is absolutely stunning. Luis has taken an old, typically-Spanish house (the doorways are *tiny* – so I had to remember to duck now and again – Spanish people were a lot shorter back in the day), and transformed it into a very contemporary home. From the street, his home is nothing to write home about, but step inside….

But what made my stay with Luis even more memorable, was CRETE!

Luis had just finished his airline bookings – for a trip in December. And he was taking his bike. So for a whole month, he intends to cycle all over Crete, following little paths which will bring him into contact with Cretans who remain unspoiled by mass tourism.

I did something similar in 1992 (although I hitchhiked rather than cycled), so I am *so* jealous.

Luis – you will have an amazing time!


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