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Spain. Sant Carles de la Rapita, Tuesday 4 October 2016


My favourite destination (Sant Carles de la Rapita), and an amazing, and unforgettable, couple – Pilar and Jordi.

And to make my stay even more enjoyable, they took me out for the evening to meet their English-language tutor. He was Scottish. And *so* much fun. A great time was had by all.

And the following morning, seeing that I could probably do with a good sleep, and contrary to my assertion that I would leave with them, they tip-toed around in the morning, and left me to sleep – until 10:30am!

So it was to an empty, but beautiful, apartment that I woke up to. Well, almost empty. Pilar had laid on a breakfast spread for me to enjoy when I finally got up.

And not only that, Pilar also packed me a lovely “lunch” to enjoy during my walk between Sant Carles and Vinaros. Including some dried blueberries – which I was still eating a week later.

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