Spain. Denia, Thursday 20 October 2016



The absolutely wonderful Pau (Perales de Sinope).

Pau made my walks around Denia memorable for two reasons:

First, was his informing me of the “Vias Verdes”. They are all over Spain. Disused railway lines that have been transformed into FLAT cycling/walking paths;

But the second reason was even more important. On the days preceding my visit to Denia, the rain arrived. Big style. I had been soaked to the skin 4 times in 3 days. There was not a single item of clothing in my bag that I could wear if I got wet again. Not even a dry pair of socks.

It does bring you down a bit.

But Pau happily washed and dried the lot.

So when I left Denia, everything in my bag was dry.

I only then got soaked again on my way to Javea though!


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