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Spain 2016. Castelldefels.


I consider myself to be very fortunate, to be welcomed by a young family. This has happened to me a few times now, and families usually participate in Couchsurfing for the same reason:

In a world where the media is constantly telling us that strangers can be dangerous/evil people, some parents would prefer that their children are introduced to real strangers, in the safety of their own homes, and to realise that the *vast* majority of strangers are not to be feared; and that they can also bring so much happiness into a house.

In the picture (taken during one of the family’s many cycling trips) are: Rodrigo, Veronica (Vero) and the super-curious little Alice. The photograph was taken before the beautiful young Nena was added to the family.

It was a great privilege to meet you all guys (but next time I will stay longer, and make good use of the swimming pool).

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