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Spain 2016. Blanes.

Baux. 3 months old – and full of mischief.

Normally, I like to take a photograph of all of my very kind hosts. However, Dolors had to leave home very early the next morning (to drive her car to Girona to have it serviced).

So Baux was only too happy to stand (lie) in.

But there was no way he was getting a balloon! It would have been burst before I got the lens-cap off of the camera.

A quick word about Couchsurfing.

It’s just the name of a service.

Yes, on occasion, that is exactly where you will be sleeping. On a couch.

But this rarely happens. More often than not, it’s a proper bed in a spare room.

But occasionally, it is *so* much more. I’m lucky enough to have slept in a house built in 1608 (in Samedan, Switzerland); on a BOAT (the whole boat – the owner just handed me the keys (me, a complete stranger) in Ostersund Marina in Sweden; and had all gone to plan in 2013, I would have been the sole guest in a genuine Venetian “palazzo” in Venice, Italy.

But nothing compares to the luxury house that Dolors has in Blanes. She, rather apologetically, told me that I had been relegated to the upstairs bedroom. It turned out that it was the WHOLE upstairs, in a house that looked designed by an architect.

The only fly in the ointment?


I had to remember not to let my feet stick out of the bed. He (and his wee sharp kitten claws) had a particular fascination with my big toes!

I really miss the wee guy.

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