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Spain. Amposta, Monday 3 October 2016


l’Ampolla was such a beautiful little town/harbour, that I spent hours wandering around – before continuing my walk, through the night, to Amposta.

When I arrived in Amposta, my first task was to seek out some free wifi. Which is why I ended up in Tradicionarius. The fact that they served excellent coffee was just a bonus.

While I was sitting down, one of the girls came across and asked if she could have her photograph taken with the “man in the kilt” “Her friends would be so jealous!”.

It turned out that she and her friends had been in l’Ampolla the previous day, and had seen me wandering aimlessly around. So to, not just have a photograph taken, but to actually talk with “the man in the kilt” made her day. And mine too.


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