Ribes de Freser to Barcelona. Barcelona by the backdoor.

The Rodalies de Catlunya R3 is no more than a regular Barcelona commuter service. It just happens to climb the Pyrenees all the way to La Tor de Querol in France too (Latour de Carol in French).

And although the Pyrenees are less steep on the Spanish side, they are just as spectacular.

It is possible to take the R3 all the way from La Tor de Querol to central Barcelona. However, and as I have done here, I would definitely suggest that you split the journey at Ribes de Freser – and make a return journey along the Vall du Nuria valley high in the Pyrenees. After returning to Ribes de Freser, simply continue down the mountains to Barcelona.

Web resources for the Rodalies de Catlunya R3 route:

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[photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org]