No commission. No annual charge.

It’s completely free(ish). And is based on the ‘honesty’ principle.

You simply donate at least £20 to my charity fundraising efforts this year (currently the Glasgow Kiltwalk). All donated funds (plus an additional 40% added by the Hunter Foundation) go directly to MND Scotland following the Glasgow Kiltwalk event.

So why would it be in your interest to be promoted in this way?

Before I was diagnosed with ataxia, and before I started fundraising, I was the CEO of the UK Hotel Network (now defunct) from 1999 and 2015.

I now plan to utilise this previous experience of promoting businesses on the internet (and specifically on Twitter) to support my fundraising activities (I have already raised £1,100 for charity from previous fundraising events – the longest of which was a 500-mile “walk” in Spain in 2016 – using a walking stick!).

These previous events attracted national and international media coverage (both Press & TV). And now that my walking stick has been replaced by a much more camera-friendly wheelchair, I expect that this media interest will only increase.

This service is based on the “honesty” principle. You donate a nominal sum this year, and if the publicity adds value to your business (and I will make sure that it does – because it is definitely in my interest to) then you donate again next year if you are happy to.

And, as I definitely want you to donate again next year, I will make sure that this as valuable as possible for your business.

Plus, and although this is a completely voluntary service, I am utilising it to raise funds for charity. So every single penny (plus the additional 40%) is going to MND Scotland. So the worst that can happen is that you have donated £20 to charity (with the charity actually receiving £28) – simply because I decided to take my wheelchair for a spin.

You get the exposure, and some pretty positive PR/advertising. And I raise even more funds for charity (MND Scotland this year).

A cost-free alternative?

There is another way that I am able to publicise your company/products. Simply donate a prize to the Prize Fund 2019 and your company/product will be broadcast repeatedly on Twitter – to 22,000 followers.

If you would like me to RT your tweets in 2019, simply donate to at least £20 my Glasgow Kiltwalk appeal page at:

I’ll immeditely start RTing your major promotional tweets (tweets that include a photograph/video are particularly popular, and generate up to 7x the engagement!).

Thank you for your support.