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Pisa. One year later. And I still laugh!

When I first started these walks in Europe, my intention was to mirror the route of my 2013 “round the world by train” trip, but to walk in the main cities that I passed through (usually in a park or recognised walking route).

And my walk along the Canal du Midi took place a year after I’d made these initial “walks”, so the photographs I took of the Canal du Midi walk would be interspersed with photographs from exactly a year before.

So exactly one year before, I had found myself in Pisa. And after a stroll around the River Arno – I made my way to the Leaning Tower. Yes, the tower is beautiful, but after taking a few pics, I found myself being more entertained by the antics of the other visitors (it is *very* busy there): and there are some really strange people around.

These photographs still make me laugh 😀 😀 😀 😀


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