The books that should definitely be on your “To Be Read” pile.

[To feature a book on this list, publishers/writers/book bloggers/book lovers/companies who want rather positive PR by association/or anyone in fact have two options:

  1. Donate at least £10 (per-book) to my Kiltwalk fundraising page (in aid of @FareShareUK – meaning that eventually @FareShareUK receive at least £15-per-book). PLUS send a physical copy of the book to me at:

    Iain McGeachin
    3 Mcdowall Terrace
    KA19 7HW

  2. Donate at least £20 (and I will source a copy of the book instead).

In either case, simply state the title/author of the book you wish to nominate, in the comments section when you donate.

All donated books are ultimately given away in monthly competitions on Twitter: @ataxiascot – meaning two bites at the publicity cherry.]

“TEST BOOK TITLE” – Test Author Name (Test Publisher Name).

Blah, blah, blah….

“TEST BOOK TITLE2” – Test Author Name2 (Test Publisher Name2).

Blah, blah, blah….