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My 50th Birthday: Hyde Park, London

A 50th birthday celebration with a difference!


As I had already decided to use my 50th year to start walking, it seemed only right that the first walk was on my 50th birthday.

And I want to thank the following people who walked with me, on what was actually a very bright January morning in London. Bright – but COLD!!!!

Ian Smith (whose wife has ataxia): Ian traveled all the way down from his home in Worcestershire to join me as I celebrated my 50th birthday with a stroll through Hyde Park;

Lamya Morbi (a Canadian girl living in London): Lamya turned up at the arranged meeting point with a huge donation, which she had collected from friends and colleagues;

Tam Donnelly (a fellow Scot, and ataxia sufferer, now living in London): Tam was diagnosed with ataxia years ago, but still wanted to wander around Hyde Park with me;

And last, but definitely not least, Louise Marriott (my sister-in-law): Louise joined me on the previous walk in London (the Ataxia UK “City Bridges Challenge”), and was only too happy to support the cause again.

Thanks all, I hope that you enjoyed the day as much as I did.


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