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Monday September 25 is International Ataxia Awareness Day.

Please help me to raise awareness of my condition by using the #IAAD17 hashtag in all of your social media posts between now and Monday September 25.

So when your friends ask you what IAAD17 is, simply refer them to this page.


So what is ataxia?

Ataxia, which comes in a variety of forms, is a very rare neurological condition which affects normal communication between the brain and body.

Around 10,000 people in the UK are affected by ataxia (so about 1 in every 7,000 people).

Ataxia is incurable. And worse than that, it is also progressive.

So what starts as a simple balance problem, can end with the sufferer having to use a wheelchair, when the ability to walk at all is lost.

Or worse. Complications brought on by ataxia can be terminal.

Funding a cure.

As medical research into a cure for ataxia is not funded by the UK government,UK charities rely on their fundraisers to generate the funds needed to pay for this research.


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