There are already a number of places where this is described to use when tweeting from a PHONE (what the feature was designed for I assume?).

But with a little bit of Twitter sorcery, and some blind faith (well, for the first time you do this anyway), you can do the same from your desktop or tablet devices.

For this example I will use the video shown in the following tweet (by @Spain_in_CH):

Nice video. I would like to use it in my own tweet though, with my own words saying just how much I miss living on Mallorca. I would also like to credit @Spain_in_CH for originally uploading the video – which is only right and proper.


1. Click in the long search/browse bar at the top-centre of your browser.

This will show you the URL for that specific tweet (in this case, it ends “08256”).

2. Still in the browser bar, move your cursor to the very end of that URL”, and add “/video/1“.

EXACTLY. Do not add a finishing “/”.

3. DO NOT HIT THE ENTER BUTTON NOW, OR AT ANY POINT (if you do, the Twitter system will simply reload the original tweet – and lop off the bit you added).

4. Select the whole lot (the existing URL and the bit you added to the end), and ‘copy’ it (Ctrl+C).

5. Now compose your tweet as normal. But don’t send it yet.

6. Instead, ‘paste’ (Ctrl+V) the entire URL that you have just ‘copied’ onto a new line at the end of your tweet (this will add a few characters to the length of your tweet, so allow space for this).

7. NOW, you can hit the “Tweet” button. There is no visual confirmation that the video will show in your tweet though – you just have to believe that it will be there.

Following these instructions, I ended up tweeting this:

As you can see, the video now appears with my choice of words.

When you look at this tweet from Twitter, you will also notice that Twitter correctly credits “Spain in Switzerland” as the video’s original uploader – and this also links to their own Twitter account (@Spain_in_CH).

Which is a brilliant feature. If only it could be done for normal images too (unfortunately, it’s too easy to copy the images from elsewhere).

But maybe some day….