You are currently viewing Hotel review: Ilunion Aqua 4 Hotel, Valencia.

Hotel review: Ilunion Aqua 4 Hotel, Valencia.

This review also concerns Ilunion’s Aqua 3 Hotel, which occupies the same building near the City of Arts and Sciences complex in Valencia, and is accessed in a similar manner.

Before we get to the heart of the review, it is best to read Ilunions company ethos, as written on the Welcome Card which awaits you in your room:

“Welcome to the chain leader in accessibility and integration. Where more than 40% of our employees have some kind of disability and where tourism for all is possible. Welcome and thank you for staying with us and contribute to a positive social change.

Welcome to a different world”


To access either hotel from the street, you first have to take a lift up 4 floors. This brings you out, in a private area, between both hotels.

After you have checked in, it is necessary to then take a second lift to your room.

But the good news?

I counted absolutely no steps, not even a bump to cross, between the street and the bed in my room.

Although my room was not specially adapted (specially adapted rooms are available), but one of the general standard rooms, it was laid out in a very thoughtful way, with accessibility always in mind. A very comfortable place to be.

And the location?

For me, this was the clincher. Located right beside the City of Arts and Sciences (and I mean right beside, any closer and the hotel would be inside the City of Arts and Sciences complex), one of the most photogenic attractions in Valencia, which you really must visit.

Ilunion have similar hotels all over Spain. So they will definitely be my first port-of-call when I’m searching for another Spanish hotel.

And they really should be yours too.

I just love their whole ethos!

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Ilunion Hotels in Valencia, who offered to support my mission to detail the actual accessibility of the most-popular visitor attractions in Valencia.

However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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