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[Shops in Ayr (Kyle Street) and Kilmarnock (Bank Street)]

Highlander Tartan Wear has been providing quality menswear and men’s hire since 1991. It is their mission to be “the best highland wear outfitter in the West Coast of Scotland” – with an unbeatable friendly approach as they strive tirelessly for complete customer satisfaction.

And I am extremely happy to be able to confirm that this is exactly what they do.

I have now purchased TWO kilts from Highlander Tartan Wear (formerly trading as Debonair). And had I not been completely satisfied with the first kilt (purchased in 1998), then there is no way that I would have paid them £300 for the kilt that I now wear.

But I was extremely happy. Both with the quality of the actual kilt, but more importantly, with the friendliness of the staff. I’m a bit of an awkward customer – I like things to be just right.

And I now wouldn’t go anywhere else.

And for another, very good, reason:

Kilts look ridiculous when worn with anything other than proper kilt socks (regardless of what many Scotland football supporters might think).

And, because of their thickness, kilt socks actually make very good walking socks. Which is why I always wear them on these walks (as I was in Spain).

But, when I was in Spain, I had a bit of a problem. Unknown to me at the time, I had put a bit of a hole in one of my socks. And being completely unaware of this, I continued walking for a further 20km. When I finally stopped, and removed my walking boot, there was a huge blister where the sock should have been (the blister completely enveloped my little toe). And it was another 3 days before I could walk again.

During this time, I contacted Highlander Tartan Wear, to have a replacement pair of socks sent out.

I had a bit of a problem though.

I had no postal address in Spain. And as I was always walking, I couldn’t hang around waiting in one place for too long. But simply addressing the package to “The Tall Guy Wearing a Kilt, Somewhere between Girona and Murcia” just wasn’t going to help Postman Pedro a lot.

So step forward the Spanish Couchsurfing community, and the amazingly-helpful Olivia.

I arranged to use an address further down the coast (in Adra), and would have the parcel delivered there, so that it was waiting for me when I arrived.

And there it was. But, instead of finding a replacement pair of socks inside, I found THREE pairs. Enough to allow me to finish my walk in Spain (and they will carry me around Arran too, and probably some of Canada later this Spring).

So Roy, and all at Highlander Tartan Wear/Debonair: I can’t tell you just how thankful I am (and how grateful my wee toe was!). You’ll be very happy to hear that your kilt has now appeared in the Sunday Post, in addition to the front page of the Ayrshire Post) 🙂



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