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Faro Airport.

Costa Coffee, and the owners of Faro Airport, will hate me for telling you this (but hopefully it will be worth it to you):

If you’re visiting Faro Airport soon; and after having checked-in your heavy luggage, are then looking to enjoy a coffee (and maybe something to eat), then you have two choices –

  1. Stay in the airport, and pay through the nose at Costa Coffee (and pay an even more wallet-busting amount if you want something to eat with your coffee); or
  2. Walk out the front door of the terminal, look across the car park (slightly to the left) for a large red CEPSA sign (it’s a petrol station), and walk there (about 200 meters). Inside the petrol station shop, is a little cafe – which serves delicious coffee for less than €1 (and some amazing Portuguese cakes and sandwiches).

It’s also a great place to recharge your devices while you relax (there are power sockets everywhere). And there is FREE wifi.

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