European Tour 2016


And now the walking could start in earnest.

My plan was to walk in major European cities, usually in the most popular city parks or promenades, and to connect these cities by rail journeys (I was still trying to replicate my 2013 “RTW by train” trip at this point).

A planned circular route, which would have seen me walking in: London (again) – Paris  – Cannes (on the first day of the film festival) – Nice – Milan – Parma – Pisa – Florence – Venice – Ljubljana – Budapest – Bratislava – Brno – Prague – Wroclaw – Berlin – Amsterdam – Brussels – Lille – and returning to London.

However, after falling ill in Ljubljana (and being looked after by my wonderful hosts there – Masa Martincic and her husband Tomaz), I missed out the part of the journey between Ljubljana and Amsterdam.


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