You are currently viewing Day 6. Ventenac-en-Minervois to Marseillette.

Day 6. Ventenac-en-Minervois to Marseillette.

Yet another absolutely beautiful day by the Canal du Midi.


And today is a day of Thanks.

First, I would like to Thank the two North American guys who I met at Argens-Minervois (just by La Guinguette). They bake bread, which they then sell to passing boaters. But it is so much more than just that:

They were waiting for me. Waiting to meet “the Man in the Kilt” (it seems that news of my impending arrival had already been passed on – by boaters I assume). Waiting with a loaf of their delicious bread. And it’s not just your average, yet absolutely delicious, French bread either. No. They bake their bread with completely natural, and *very* tasty, chestnut flour. They also add honey & cinnamon into the mix. The result is beautiful bread – a loaf of which was stuffed into my bag as I stopped for a chat, and which I later devoured for a perfect lunch (it’s so tasty that it can be eaten on its own (the honey adds a terrific sweetness – but I would imagine it would be even better when smeared with cold butter!).

And this is their day.

Bake delicious bread every day. Which they then sell to passing boaters. And while they are waiting for another boat to pass, they just sit and shoot the breeze – in the most stunning of natural surroundings.

I want their life!

So if you are lucky enough to be sailing through Argens-Minervois, buy some of their bread. When you taste it, you will be so glad that you did.

My second Thanks go to the couple from Carlisle who I met in “Homps” (yet another of the highlights of the Canal du Midi), and who also have an apartment in La Redorte, for their very generous donation towards the fighting fund.

And finally (and it is very rare that I can say this), Thank You to *every* driver who passed me on the road today. Sometimes I am overpowered by the natural beauty of the canal and my inquisitiveness takes me down quiet French country lanes instead.

The local drivers are obviously used to passing walkers in this area (although possibly not walkers wearing a kilt).

Without exception, I got a smile, a wave – and was given as wide a berth as possible.

Yet another perfect day. Thank you all 🙂


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