You are currently viewing Day 3. Rest day. Le Viala (near Capestang).

Day 3. Rest day. Le Viala (near Capestang).

As the weather forecast was for a storm to hit at some point today, I made the decision to have a “rest day” sooner than planned.

And it’s just as well that I did!

After basking under a blue sky all day, the storm finally appeared at around 4pm. And had I been out in it, I would have been soaked to the skin within seconds. There wouldn’t even have been time to get my waterproof poncho on.

So instead, I wandered around the beautiful (and rather large!) garden attached to this house (which is rather large itself).

nadia's garden-opt

And when the garden stroll became too much of an effort, I came indoors and was spoiled by Nadia (chef) and her two wonderful kids (the sous-chefs):



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