You are currently viewing Day -1. Beziers Aeroport to Agde.

Day -1. Beziers Aeroport to Agde.

It took me only 2 minutes in France to realise why I’ve been living like a monk/hermit for the last 6 months.

And to know that it was well worth the endurance.

It also only took me 2 minutes to realise that I had to leave Scotland, and travel to the south of France, just to remember what a proper cloud looked like! [If you look closely at the pic I took for Lou, you might spot a few grey/white things in the sky).


As I don’t start walking in earnest until tomorrow morning, I reckoned that it might be a good idea to try something a wee bit shorter today (just to check that it was all possible).

The shape of things to come?

All of my walking today was beside busy roads. And the wind was also whistling in my ears. But during a break in the traffic which coincided with a break in the wind, all that I could hear were birds singing and the rustle of leaves in the breeze.

And once I start walking along the canal towpath tomorrow morning, that’s it for 3 weeks. Just me, the birds and the animals. And the occasional put-put-put of a passingĀ canalboat.

And to top it all off in style, I finished my evening in a wonderful little pizza restaurant in Cap d’Agde run by a friend of my CouchSurfing host tonight (the amazing Said):





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