Spain. L’Ampolla, Sunday 2 October 2016

  I always find it’s a good idea to befriend the local police officer. You never know when you will need their assistance! So when I popped into the Bar Estacion L’ampolla I made good friends with the Boss and his friends from the local Police Station.

Spain. L’Ametlla de Mar, Saturday 1 October 2016

I can’t say how much I love Google Maps. They have helped me a million times on this walk. However, sometimes they get it very wrong. My worst experience was in Barcelona, at the end of the Gran Via. According to Google there was just one exit that I should take to reach El Prat…

Spain 2016. Torredembarra.

  Look at those cheeky wee smiles! Daniel (Spain) with his lovely wife Iwona (Poland) and their adorable sons Leo and Toni. More wonderful parents who would rather their children did not grow up with an irrational fear of strangers.

Spain 2016. Segur de Calafell.

  And yet another beautiful young couple who were more than happy to support me. All Smiles: The lovely Christel Moret, her husband and mother. This was them dressed for work on a Monday morning. I am *so* jealous! I would have made more use of the swimming pool had I not spent all afternoon…

Spain 2016. Castelldefels.

  I consider myself to be very fortunate, to be welcomed by a young family. This has happened to me a few times now, and families usually participate in Couchsurfing for the same reason: In a world where the media is constantly telling us that strangers can be dangerous/evil people, some parents would prefer that…

Spain 2016. Badalona.

  Ahhh, Jana. There are no words to describe how amazing this lovely woman is. A gentleman (who am I trying to kid?) would never divulge a lady’s age, suffice to say Jana has been around the block a few more times than me. When this pic was taken, Jana had just returned from a…

Spain 2016. El Masnou.

  I have two everlasting memories of my time in El Masnou. The first is talking with Marti (the guy standing on the left). Talking with Marti, was like talking to myself when I was his age. The second was talking with Marti’s Mum (in the centre of pic). I don’t speak much Spanish, and…

Spain 2016. Premia de Mar.

  My first view of Barcelona on this walk. Barcelona is one of my personal milestones on the journey, so it was extra-exciting to see this morning.

Spain 2016. Canet de Mar.

  And just to be fair in the “cat v dog” stakes, I give you the delightful Truska! Such a beautiful-natured dog (she even smiled for the camera). And her amazing owner of course. The lovely Agnes.

Spain 2016. Blanes.

Baux. 3 months old – and full of mischief. Normally, I like to take a photograph of all of my very kind hosts. However, Dolors had to leave home very early the next morning (to drive her car to Girona to have it serviced). So Baux was only too happy to stand (lie) in. But…