You are currently viewing Castlekirk, B&B and Art Gallery, Lochranza, Isle of Arran.

Castlekirk, B&B and Art Gallery, Lochranza, Isle of Arran.

When Vicki Hudson, the owner of Castlekirk (and a resident artist), heard of my upcoming walk around Arran, not only did she offer me a bed for the night, she also offered a warming meal after the long slog up the west coast of Arran from Blackwaterfoot! This will be the longest day’s walk during the 4-day trek around Arran, so just knowing what awaits in beautiful Lochranza will definitely make the walk seem a lot shorter!

I will now not be alone though. A couple from Kent (Karen Servadei and Graham Fryatt) will now be joining me, and when Vicki heard of this change of plans, she was only too happy to extend her very kind and generous offer to them too.

Vicki – you are a star! There are no words to express just how fortunate we are to know you. And we all can’t wait to meet you, and to see Lochranza for the first time. I visited Arran many times when growing up (it was our Summer holiday destination when I was a nipper), but I never made it up to Lochranza. So I’m rather excited.

For Karen and Graham though, it will be their first time in the west of Scotland. So I am really looking forward to showing them the majesty of Arran .

Karen and Graham are a very interesting couple. In 2014, they climbed Kilimanjaro, with Graham’s son Iain (another Iain who spells his name correctly 😉 ). The story becomes really inspiring once you learn that Iain made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro – in his wheelchair/trike!

Read up on IainsKiliChallenge – and be prepared to be seriously impressed!

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  1. Vicki Hudson

    Iain, i really enjoyed meeting you, you are the star not me! I stand in awe of your incredible spirit and hope you are able to continue walking your way around the world raising funds and awareness about Ataxia for a long while yet.. when you need a rest come back to Lochranza, you’d always be welcome! Vixxx

  2. Thanks Vicki. Staying with you at Castlekirk was the perfect ending to our amazing weekend on Arran.

    And I will definitely accept your very kind offer:

    Arran is definitely an unfinished adventure for Graham, Karen and I!

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