Serious book (and self) publicity.

And your books go directly to FareShare volunteers (in one of FareShare’s 24 depots which are located throughout the UK)!

So whether you’re a book author, book publisher – or even just a booklover, donate a few of your books to FareShare volunteers – and receive rather a lot of publicity in return (and a rather fetching promo video for your nominated book).

The end result – new books in FareShare volunteers’ hands

Donating at least three books in this way allows you to nominate any book you like as the featured book in a future BooksForFareShare competition (it doesn’t even have to be one of the books that you have donated – a great way to use older* books to promote newer titles).

Your very own Twitter account will be tagged in that competition, and following your account will be a condition of entry .

*When I say “older” – I mean published within the last 12 months or so.

Sample Competition:

Please contact myself first for the FareShare depot’s address details though. I am maintaining a list of where books have already been sent, and will tell you exactly who your books should be sent to (this should avoid all books being sent to the same depot). This will also enable you to tell me which book you would like to see your name alongside in a future #BooksForFareShare competition.

You can contact me via this website here, or by DM on Twitter (@ataxiascot).

A novel way to say thank you (and who doesn’t love a new book?).

FareShare volunteers have made fantastic efforts over the last year or so. Distributing over 130 MILLION meals to the most vulnerable people in the UK.

These volunteers are just normal people like you and I. But they are pretty amazing people – who have volunteered their own time and effort to make sure that there was a hot meal available to those in dire straits.

Wonderful people who stood up to be counted when they were needed most.

And giving these volunteers access to a free book is a small way of saying “Thank You”.

Letting them know that their efforts, both then and now, are seriously valued.

Very special people indeed.

So on the face of it, #BooksForFareShare is just really a “Thank You” to these volunteers for being there.

But it’s more than just that. It’s also a way of showing these volunteers that society sees them. Values them and what they are doing. Acknowledges just how important their work is. And of how grateful we all are that they do what they do.

Thank You.