120 books once a year becomes 10 books every month.

So why the change?

Firstly, to increase the number of books offered as prizes (plus the number of books donated to FareShare UK and Whiteleys Retreat, Ayr).

Simply put, this just has to work for publishers and writers. The better it does so, then the more willing publishers and writers are to donate books in the first place. And more books donated = more books offered as prizes too.

The second reason is more personal though.

As with the National Lottery, where I would prefer that 12 people won a £1million prize, rather than just one person winning a £12million prize, then the reasoning behind this is similar:

Instead of just one person winning 120 books once a year, 12 people can now win a minimum of TEN books.

I say minimum, because the number of books given away each month may increase as publishers/writers send even more books as expected.

The same number of books given away (hopefully even more!) – just shared between more people.

All entrants of the initial #BigBookGiveaway competition will be included in all monthly competitions between March 2020 and September 2020.