> Found a book?

Got books to share? Then you too can become an #AtaxiaBookFairy.

A £10 donation = 10 labels = enough for 5 books (2 labels per book).

To receive your labels:

  1. Donate to: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ataxiabookfairy
  2. Tell me where to send the labels to by contacting me here (or on Twitter @ataxiascot).



The #AtaxiaBookFairy. Why?

1/ A simple ataxia awareness-raising project.

Everyone knows what a book is.

And everyone knows what a fairy is.

Hoping that people’s natural curiosity makes them find out what this “ataxia” thing is.

2/ The sharing of knowledge.

Reading is educational. And having a better-educated society benefits us all.

3/ Raising funds for charity at the same time.

Whenever some very lucky person finds a book in public, if they then want to show their appreciation, a suggestion is made that they make a donation to FareShare.


Together, we can get the nation reading. And eating.