> Found a book?

The #AtaxiaBookFairy leaves books in public places – for very lucky people to find.


Two reasons:

1/ A simple ataxia awareness-raising project.

Everyone knows what a book is.

And some people already understand the concept of a book fairy.

So I’m hoping that people’s natural curiosity makes them find out what this “ataxia” thing is.


2/ The sharing of knowledge by increasing a love of reading.

Reading is educational. And having a better-educated society benefits us all.

A free book could even end up bringing joy to someone who is just unable to prioritise the purchase of a new book at the moment – over more-pressing needs. So they end up reading their one book over and over again.

Plus, finding a free book might just remind a lucky book-finder of the joys of reading (and “buy a book” might be added to their next shopping list).

Book Donors.

If you are a writer or publisher, and you would like to donate copies of your book/s, please see the #BigBookGiveaway page. Book donations are also very gratefully received from companies and individuals who would like to share in this rather positive PR.

Free books (charity/community groups only).

If your FareShare-supplied charity or community group would like some free books to give to your volunteers, please contact me here or via Twitter (@ataxiascot).

Together, we can get the nation reading. And eating.