Let’s get the nation reading.

The Ataxia Book Fairy and her Merry Band of Helpers leave books in public places – for other very lucky people to find and enjoy.

> Books Left For You To Find

> Found a book?

And YOU can be part of that Merry Band too.


We all have them. A pile of used books hiding away somewhere.

Just stick a couple of labels on each book – and leave it in public. And let the words improve the life of someone else too.

The labels are FREE! I pay to have them printed.

Simply contact me here (or on Twitter: @ataxiascot), and I’ll post some out to you.

Thank you.

The #AtaxiaBookFairy. Why?

1/ A simple ataxia awareness-raising project.

Everyone knows what a book is.

And everyone knows what a fairy is.

I’m hoping that peoples natural curiosity makes them find out what this “ataxia” thing is.

2/ The sharing of knowledge.

Reading is educational. And having a better-educated society benefits us all.

3/ Raising funds for charity at the same time.

Whenever some very lucky person finds a book in public, if they then want to show their appreciation, a suggestion is made that they make a donation to FareShare.


But why? Why go to all this trouble?


I was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia in 2015 (no, I’d never heard of it either). Ataxia is a very rare neurological condition, which I was told would eventually put me in a wheelchair (it now has).

When I was first diagnosed, I could still walk OK-ish – with the increasing reliance on a walking stick. So walk I did (wearing a kilt to attract publicity – and even more donations). Eventually raising £1,100 for Ataxia UK.

However, and as predicted, the wheelchair became a reality last year. I didn’t want this to mean an end to my fundraising activities though, so planned to take part in 3 Kiltwalk events this year for MND Scotland. Being pushed.

But after just one event, it was pretty evident that even this was now not possible either (it took me almost 3 weeks to recover – and I was being pushed?!).

So, the Ataxia Book Fairy allows me to continue my fundraising activities – without actually going anywhere.

Enabling me to feel that I am still contributing to society in some way (a feeling that is way more important than you might realise).

To show their gratitude, all book finders are directed to make a donation to FareShare:


A word about FareShare.

FareShare fight hunger and food waste in the UK, feeding 924,325 people in need every week!

By redistributing surplus food from the food industry to local UK charities. Food that is then used to feed the nation’s most vulnerable.

Two birds with one stone. Very clever thinking indeed.

Donate here and be part of the solution:


Thank you for your support.


Let’s get the nation reading. And eating.