Alicante – and the holiday is nearly over.


When I first came over to mainland Europe, my idea was to visit the most-popular visitor attractions in Europe, and report on their actual accessibility (they all say that they are accessible, but this doesn’t mean that they really are).

However, because I am still waiting to hear from a few people regarding this, I decided to add a wee “thank you” trip along the route of my 500-mile walk along the Mediterranean coast of Spain last year, to thank all of the people who supported me on the way, and who helped make it possible at all.

But, now that I am nearing Valencia, I am more than aware that I really should be doing some “work”. So after I spend one more night with friends here in Javea, it’s on to Valencia, Madrid, Lisbon and points north and east, where the accessibility reporting starts in earnest.

But just one more day of sunshine first though 😉


The beach at Alicante yesterday – in mid-October!

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