NHS staff/charity volunteers. Would you like a FREE book?

To thank you for your care, your dedication – and your wonderful effort (and to show you that it is truly appreciated), the #AtaxiaBookFairy is honoured to be able to offer you a FREE book. And these are not just bargain-basement books either. No, these are all amazing books (including many bestsellers – some of them signed by the author).

There are two conditions though:

1. After you have read and enjoyed the book, you MUST leave it in public somewhere, for someone else to find, enjoy and to pass it on themselves (the book will be labelled for sharing already);

2. You MUST either work for the NHS (or the Scottish NHS), or be a charity volunteer (either continually, or as a participant in a previous charity fundraising event).


I need to know that you genuinely are though (everyone wants a free book – but these books are for genuine NHS staff/charity volunteers only).

So just send me a link to an article, or social media post, which shows that you are (or have been in the past).

To request a book (and to send proof), simply contact me here.

Or on Twitter: @ataxiascot.

If you also donate at least £10 to my FareShare Justgiving Appeal, I will also send you 10 labels (5 front and 5 back), which will enable you to share up to 5 of your own books too:


Thank you!