You are currently viewing 5 million reasons to head to ASDA.

5 million reasons to head to ASDA.

I wanted to write this earlier, but I actually rely on food deliveries from Asda normally too, and for a while it was rather difficult to find a delivery slot. However, with constant checking, I have ALWAYS found a slot (although many products are still “out of stock” – thank you very much Stockpilers!). On one occasion even logging in/out of their online shopping system constantly for THREE days. But we got there in the end.

Now that the supermarkets would appear to have got on top of the delivery problem though, I hope that it’s now safe to tell you all to head to….Asda.

So, why Asda?

In January, so quite some time ago now, Asda donated £5million to FareShare and the Trussell Trust, so that both could continue supplying food to the most vulnerable people in our society (FareShare actually distributes food to over 10,000 local charities throughout the UK – food that probably ends up feeding the most-vulnerable people in your very own community too then).

This crisis has shone a very searching light on all of us. Some organisations/people have fared well. Others though? Not so well (I expect that one or two people will be reconsidering their choice of watering holes once they’re allowed out to play again).

“Good Guys” and “Bad Guys” lists will have formed in people’s minds.

So when this is all over (or even sooner?), please support the “Good Guys”; those who stood up to be counted when we needed them most.

Asda – fight hunger, create change.

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