The Child on Platform One – Gill Thompson

“Heartrending. Riveting.” – Sharon Maas

“The characters and their moving stories will haunt you long after you finish the last page” – Shirley Dickson

Inspired by the real-life escape of thousands of Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Europe on the “Kindertransport” trains to London.

Prague 1939.

Young mother Eva has a secret from her past. When the Nazis invade, Eva knows the only way to keep her daughter Miriam safe is to send her away. Even if it means never seeing her again. But when Eva is taken to a concentration camp, her secret is at risk of being exposed.

In London, Pamela volunteers to find places for the Jewish children arrived from Europe. Befriending one unclaimed little girl, Pamela brings her home. It is only when her young son enlists in the RAF that Pamela realises how easily her own world could come crashing down.

Two mothers must ask an unthinkable question: will they ever be reunited with their beloved children?

Book donated by: Crime Monthly Magazine

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