The Lockdown Boogie

To ease those Lockdown Blues, have a wee listen to the extremely talented David F. Ross (@dfr10 on Twitter) reading the whole of his first book: The Last Days of Disco.

Dancing around handbags is optional.

Produced by the equally-talented Into Creative (@intocreative on Twitter), the book has been divided into short episodes (10-15 mins each) and read (and commented on) by the book’s author himself.

Set against the backdrop of the Falkland’s War in 1982, this is a gritty and tragic (and rather hilarious) account of life in Ayrshire – and at a time when Thatcher was doing her worst.

Maybe listen after the kids are in bed though (or have their headphones on at least):

Copies of all of David’s books, including the following two books in this trilogy, can be purchased via the books’ publisher:

Orenda Books (@OrendaBooks on Twitter).

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